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Dr Google: Be a Source of Truth

Dr Google is alive and well Only a decade or two ago, the only way to get health information was to talk to a medical professional. Unfortunately, those times are behind us: the internet has changed this type of top-down information distribution, and patients can now get a second, third, and fourth opinion in minutes […]

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Vividus Healthcare Marketing

Dr Google: Danger or Opportunity

Google and social media are increasingly being used by patients to recommend doctors, ask for medical advice, and provide feedback on their experiences. Jason Borody, director of medical marketing agencyVividus, explains how your practice can turn this challenge to your advantage. Trust me, I’m a Doctor For better or worse, the Internet has changed this

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Bridging the Gap

In the tech sector, it’s common to hear that social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are “connecting humans together”, Jason Borody says that there’s no doubt that such services have their uses, but we should be aware of their side effects. Just as 24-hour news channels have found that negativity and fear spread

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Get on Top and Stay There

With hundreds of potential patients searching the web every month, it’s important to make sure that your website is found easily and delivering exactly what internet users expect when they type in your keywords, Jason Borody says Search Engine Optimisation isn’t as complicated as many SEO experts claim. Every month, hundreds of your potential patients

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Media Savvy

Is your practice communicating effectively to your target audience? Jason Borody reveals the five top trends in medical marketing that will help put you ahead of the competition in 2012. The healthcare industry landscape is shifting. Patients are becoming more sophisticated, information is more readily available and competition between healthcare providers is increasing dramatically. Doctors

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