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More than just a logo.

Brand Development

Your brand is who you are and what you stand for.

Building brands that last

First impressions are not the only things that count – all impressions count. Your reputation as a specialist is dependent upon how you are perceived by patients, referrers and professional bodies. This is directly influenced by the quality of your branding through your name, bi-lines, logo design, use of fonts, colours and imagery, relevancy and engagement through compelling stories.

Strong branding is vital to the success of any healthcare business or medical practice, as it is the public representation of your philosophy, values and service. Strategically developed branding also returns benefits through improved marketability and increased brand equity over time, which is crucial to short-term business growth and long-term investment.

Creative strategy

Successful brands are built before any design work begins. The foundation of any effective brand is its strategic connection with your business values and positioning in the market. We collaborate with you and your team to discover what makes your brand tick – its personality, mission, key qualities, and benefits – which informs our strategic brand development.

We specialise in creating unique, exclusive branding which stands the test of time – branding which sets your business apart, establishes your credibility, and reassures your referrers, patients and clients of your professional, caring approach.

Beautiful branding that lasts

Logo and Style Guide

Logos have the power to define brands instantly in one space. We morph strategy and design to create unique, versatile logos which embody your values and story through their colours, fonts, shapes and composition. Our team of talented designers work tirelessly to generate gorgeous imagery which effectively represents your brand.

Style guides are essential to developing long-lasting consistency in brand application and messaging. They function as the Bibles of branding that clearly set out your brand’s identity, story, and design elements in a way that can be applied to any touch point or medium.

Protect your IP


We strategically develop brands with improved marketability and increased brand equity, both critical elements to short, and long-term investment. Better brands build equity that’s hard to put a price on – intellectual property assets are only the beginning.

To legally protect your assets and intellectual property, we recommend investing in a registered trademark of your brand name and designs. partner with accredited specialists in business law to help you navigate the process.

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