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Keeping in the clear

AHPRA compliance

Promoting a regulated health service? You need to keep your marketing AHPRA compliant.

Ethical medical marketing

Helping patients make informed healthcare decisions comes with a responsibility to do so in a way that encourages ethical and effective medical practices, rather than just encouraging the use of healthcare services and products.

We’ve specialised in medical marketing for healthcare businesses for over a decade, and we understand how difficult it can be to advertise when you’re up against strict guidelines. Don’t worry: we’re here to help.

Say the right thing

There’s some things that you just can’t say or do when advertising your medical business. You can’t give false expectations, use certain terms, or use language that could mislead or confuse your patients.

That doesn’t mean you can’t advertise though. Our expert team can help get your point across without putting you at risk.

A load off your shoulders

Always up-to-date

Managing a medical practice is tough enough without worrying about AHPRA’s advertising guidelines, and no one wants the $5,000+ fines that come from an accidental violation.

That’s why we keep up to date on the latest AHPRA recommendations, and use our knowledge to keep your medical marketing out of harm’s way. That’s one less thing off your plate.

Everywhere, all the time

Consistently compliant

The National Law applies everywhere you advertise, promote and communicate your business; whether it’s online, in print, over the radio, or even on office signs. This means it’s always important to carefully choose how you represent yourself.

Sounds intimidating? Don’t worry. Whether you’re writing educational materials, building a new website, or running ads on your socials, we’ve got you covered with the right words for your business, the publication platform, and AHPRA.

Ready to get started? talk to us today.

Reviews done right

Reviews are one of the best marketing tools for a medical business, but they’re heavily regulated. Your review can’t just be flattering: it needs to comply with AHPRA’s Testimonial Guidelines.

Not sure where, how, or if you can use your review? We can help. Our team of experts can help you decide how and when to use your reviews for maximum impact.

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