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Whether your business is a private practice or a provider of healthcare products and services, you have to be professional at all times.

We think the same way, providing professional marketing solutions, driven by sound strategy and proven science, to attract more of the patients you want.

Professional marketing can accelerate business success, create an even more valuable business for expansion or sale, and reduce the stress of marketing for management.

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Expertise is everything in healthcare and medical. Vividus has over 10 years experience in medical marketing, and marketing in the healthcare industry. We know the industry well, we know what works to grow referrals, attract patients and enhance your reputation.

Our vast experience means we're well aware of the ethics, laws and codes that apply in marketing medical products or services.

That specialist knowledge, gained through working first hand with practices and staff, means greater understanding and peace of mind. Our knowledge of the AHPRA guidelines means we can recommend a strategy that will ensure you remain compliant.

Our experience is grounded in working with many different organisations, companies and professionals in healthcare and medical.

Clients include hospitals, medical centres, general practitioners, medical specialists, imaging centres and dentists, along with allied health and fitness professionals, government, pharmaceutical businesses and healthcare corporates.

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The Google Advantage

We know an increasing number of patients consult Google before choosing healthcare or medical products and services. It is increasingly important to build and protect your most valuable asset – your reputation. Vividus can help you develop the tools needed to create a strong brand, and reach the right people.

Our range of services includes practice and doctor mobile-friendly websites, practice photography and videography, digital marketing, social media, webinars, and referral marketing.


Effective marketing is not reactionary.

It takes thorough planning, detailed preparation and intuitive foresight.

In the development of a strategic marketing plan for your healthcare business, we combine those disciplines with science and creativity to help you establish clear business goals and measurements, while providing greater business accountability and a better return for your marketing investment.

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"Jason and his team are always looking for solutions to our unique and sometimes quite tricky marketing needs. Marketing now is such a major part of any business success, and having Vividus do all the hard work for us is worth every cent!"

Practice Manager

“I highly recommend Vividus’ consultancy and related services to all healthcare professionals. Their uniquely powerful results stem from a deep knowledge of what works, specifically for healthcare professionals in private practice.” 

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