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Referrer Marketing

Develop a plan for business success.

Referral Magic

Referrer marketing is relationship marketing. Referrals are the lifeblood of many specialist practices. These referrals are based on a combination of service quality and relationship. Vividus has years of experience working with a variety of different types of specialists, across multiple geographic areas to raise specialist awareness with local referral sources, recruit new referrers, and build loyalty and trust with existing relationships.

At Vividus, we use a multifaceted approach to building referrals – we can help boost your online reputation, attract and network with referrers, and develop lasting campaigns to keep your referrers engaged.

Brand Management

When other professionals recommend your services, they associate themselves with your brand. Make sure it’s at its best with strong, consistent branding; value-adding content; and chic, professional design.

It’s not just about networking and introductions: maintaining appearances matters too. Keeping your brand up-to-date and consistent across all aspects of your business is important in building credibility.

Start reaching out

Lead Acquisition

With proven strategies and specialised tools, our experienced team can help you develop a campaign for acquiring qualified leads – the key objective of any referral strategy. We can help expand your reach, produce valuable resources, and even host online education events or webinars to get your brand and practice in front of referrers.

Never forget

Stay front of mind

Establishing a healthy list of referrers is half the challenge – the other half is nurturing the relationships that encourage them to refer. Plenty of medical professionals are vying for the same referrers, and it takes a good referral marketing strategy to achieve your goals and stay ahead of the pack.

Keep yourself front-of-mind with webinars, education events, practice visits, branded stationerytargeted email campaigns, and a host of other memorable techniques. Develop a strategy to stay above the competition – don’t let yourself be forgotten.

How does your marketing stack up?

Build your reputation

As a medical professional, your reputation is your most important asset. Caring for your reputation is essential, and failure to do so can damage your practice.

By managing and developing your social media, online directory listings, and patient reviews and testimonials, we can help develop your personal and brand reputations into true testaments to your work. What’s online can be seen forever – make sure you are in control of the conversation.