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Referrer marketing is relationship marketing. It’s all about building bonds with other medical professionals whose services are complementary to yours, creating loyalty, trust, and agreements beneficial to everyone involved.

At Vividus, we use a multifaceted approach to building referrals – we can help boost your online reputation, attract and network with referrers, and develop lasting campaigns to keep your referring community engaged.


When other professionals recommend your services, they associate themselves with your brand. Make sure it’s at its best with strong, consistent branding; value-adding content; and chic, professional design.

It’s not just about networking and introductions: maintaining appearances matters too. Keep your brand up-to-date and let our creativity can help build your credibility.


With proven strategies and specialised tools, our experienced team can help you develop a campaign for acquiring qualified leads – the key objective of any referral strategy.

We can help expand your reach, produce valuable resources, and even host online education events to get your brand and practice in front of referrers. All you have to do is continue providing quality services.

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