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Would you recommend a treatment without proven results? Neither would we.

Strategic Marketing

Develop a plan for business success.

Guess what? No guesswork.

Much like your patients, your medical business needs a structured and evidence-backed treatment plan to achieve its goals. It takes proven thinking and strategies to achieve maximum effectiveness – gut instinct and hunches will only get you so far.

Strategic marketing combines your business and customer insights with our decade of proven results to develop effective, future focused strategies and tactics.

Our plans are void of guesswork and maybes – they’re tailored from years of industry experience and optimised at every step.

Strategically Speaking

Healthcare businesses need specialised marketing. It takes a unique approach to develop the right strategy, and even more coordination to effectively implement it. Fortunately, our team can handle everything in-house for optimal convenience.

Target segmentation, competitor research, patient journey mapping, practice data analysis, social strategy, content plans, and campaign development: We don’t just do it all, we tailor it to perfectly suit your practice’s needs.

If you have a goal, you need a plan

Strategic Marketing Plan

Having a strategic marketing plan and activity calendar delivers the best return on marketing investment. We work closely with you to develop a highly collaborative plan that is data based, ethical, measurable and combines the right strategies and tactics to achieve your goals.

We will start by conducting a strategic workshop with relevant decision-makers to combine your understanding of the organisation along with our marketing expertise and help us gain deeper insight into your objectives. This allows us to document information that helps clearly define the direction of the business and establish a foundation on which to build your strategies.

Keep your strategy safe

Compliance is critical

Healthcare and medical marketing is governed by different laws to most traditional advertising. Extra care needs to be taken to ensure compliance, meaning it takes a marketer with specialised healthcare marketing experience to provide safe and effective marketing.

Partnering with an agency that has specialised experience in healthcare and medical marketing will help to avoid potential breaches. When you work with Vividus, we work hard to ensure that your marketing remains AHPRA and TGA compliant.

so what now...

How does your marketing stack up?