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Patient Reviews

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Opportunities for improving patient experience

Every review is an opportunity for people to experience your services. Not every experience is positive, even negative reviews can promote a positive customer experience.

Users (and Google) are watching the velocity and way in which you respond, and every comment and review can contribute to bettering your practice or business. We can help consolidate your reviews, draw on their recommendations, and develop a plan for improving your practice. You earned your reviews – you deserve to make the most of them!

Have patient reviews and not sure if they are suitable for your marketing? You can check it here.

Patient reviews for online visibility

Not every patient review can be used to promote your medical business. AHPRA imposes strict regulations on how reviews and testimonials can be used in marketing.

Reviews can also positively impact your visibility on search engine results. Ask us how to help you generate more positive reviews and how we can help get your best moments noticed.

Based in Brisbane’s northside, we have over 10 years’ experience in delivering healthcare marketing for practices across Australia and New Zealand, and our review acquisition program has helped many practices and businesses encourage positive reviews, and flagging negative reviews without putting your practice brand at risk.

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