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The Road to Great Medical Marketing Never Ends

What is “great marketing”?

It?s different for every business and medical practice. But what it looks like is the ability to invest a certain amount of money into marketing, and get an exponential positive return from that investment.

Great marketing is the ability to KNOW:

  • where your business is coming from
  • how much profit you’re currently making, and how you can increase it
  • how many patients you’re guaranteed to get through advertising.

Although it’s not necessarily easy to reach the level of great marketing in your medical practice, it is absolutely worth it. And truly, it’s not as difficult as many medical practitioners think it to be.

In the beginning, there will likely be some struggle, but as soon as you find a marketing technique that works, you can then ethically exploit it, get exponential returns, and use those returns to further marketing efforts.

And before you know it, you’ll have great ongoing marketing results in your practice.

Finding What Works

The first step towards great marketing is finding something that works. Once you find a marketing tactic that works, be it in a joint venture, sales letter, or advertisement, you?ll open up a brand new profit stream you can then reinvest into additional marketing.

So how do you find what works?

Well, the quickest and easiest way is to hire a marketing firm that specialises in your industry, and has proven results.

For example, here at Vividus Marketing, we already know what works in medical practices. We can remove a lot of the guesswork – getting you the results you are seeking, faster.

You can also use a more scattered approach, where you test an advertisement, or a promotion, and see if it gets any results.

This can be dangerous, as you’re going in blind. However, with every test, you?ll learn something. As long as you’re implementing what you learn, eventually you’ll find a marketing tactic that’s profitable.

Optimising What Works

Once you have a marketing tactic that works, and is profitable, you can begin to optimise that tactic.

For example, if you’ve discovered that a newspaper ad will bring you new business, the next step is to tweak the copy of the ad. Change the headline, or the body copy, or the call-to-action.

See if you can make that ad produce as much as possible for you.

Optimise and test it until you’ve reached the “ceiling” of the ad, meaning, no additional tweaking will increase its return.

Breakthrough Marketing

Once you’ve built and optimised an effective and profitable marketing tactic, the next step is to look for a new breakthrough.

If you currently have an ad you’ve optimised, that performs very well, try and work out a joint venture with a non-competitive company that also services your ideal patients.


The reason why the road to great marketing never ends, is because you can always find new breakthroughs, see which ones work, and then optimise.

By doing this, you’ll grow your practice larger and faster than you could’ve ever expected.

Most medical practices aren’t even utilising ONE optimised marketing stream. Imagine how your practice will grow if you continually search for new breakthroughs, and optimise them.

At Vividus Marketing, we’ve worked with many different medical practices, and we already know breakthroughs that are proven to work. If you’d like to get started with profitable marketing as quickly as possible, give us a call on 07 3482 4262 or email and we can help start producing results for you by implementing these breakthroughs in your practice.