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The Marketing Campaigns Every Medical Practice Should Know About

Marketing Campaigns for your practice - Vividus Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare marketing is a combination of science (applying proven strategies and tactics) and art (creatively and effectively connecting with your patients). There's a huge sense of achievement that is accompanied by a winning formula and reaching your end goal.

Through our experience we have come to know which marketing ideas work and which don't. Here's a list of some of our top rated healthcare marketing ideas, strategies and tactics:   

1.     Targeting Existing Patents

You've already won them over, so creating campaigns that tap into your existing patient base is guaranteed to have a successful outcome. At first, results may be slow to build, but this style of marketing can be an effective means to inspire patient referrals, provide additional or follow-on services, fuel word-of-mouth, retain existing patients and enhance your reputation.

2.     Social Media

As long as you follow AHPRA Guidelines, social media is a great way to expand the boundaries of relevant and interesting topics, establish thought leadership and keep the conversation going with existing patients and potential patients.

3.     Email Marketing

Communicating with meaningful and intentional messages to your patients and referral sources has many advantages. Not only is it low cost, easy to deploy, quick to implement and personalised, it is also one of the most effective tools available for brand awareness, retention and for new business acquisition.

To ensure your campaigns are effective, we recommend that you seek professional advice and guidance to combine the right creative elements, such as a targeted list, content and a professionally branded email template. It is also important to abide by anti-spam regulations, personal privacy restrictions and professional, best practice regulations.

4.     Pay Per Click Advertising

Prospective patients frequently begin their search for health information and local healthcare professionals via online search. Pay Per Click advertising is a very powerful way of reaching these prospective patients - it is targeted to specific search terms and target audiences, and you only pay for visitors who search for your service, look at your ad and choose to click through to your site.

5.     Signage

On-premises signage is often the first and best marketing tool for a practice. Well-placed and highly visible signs never stop promoting both your brand and your convenient location.

6.     Videos

The brain absorbs visual stimuli faster and video has a way of embedding itself into the memory much longer than text. This powerful and effective marketing tool can be efficiently leveraged via a wide range of platforms, shared across multiple social media channels and boost your visibility in Search Engines.

No matter what marketing campaigns you decide to run, make sure you are systematically tracking the source of each new patient enquiry to know what is working and what is not. More importantly, with accurate tracking numbers you can calculate the actual monetary Return On Investment from your marketing efforts.

Healthcare competition is increasingly fierce and medical practices that neglect their marketing are likely to fall behind.

The team at Vividus has a plethora of insightful and helpful marketing ideas, so give us a call for more ideas on how to market your healthcare practice and become one of our success stories.