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Marketing In The Digital Era

Marketing in the digital era | Vividus Marketing

Vividus at the Annual City Fertility Conference

In March of this year, Vividus found itself at the forefront of innovation as we were invited to speak at the annual City Fertility conference in the Gold Coast.

This conference brought together leading fertility specialists around Australia for Vividus to present to on the topic of marketing in the digital era. We discussed compliant ways to promote your practice, tactical growth strategies, and ways to connect potential patients with your practice.


What Does Your Brand Say About You?

We challenged our audience to consider the impression their practice is making on their patients, from the ambiance of their practice rooms to the user-friendliness of their websites, and even how they interact with their patients. We emphasised the fact that your website is an extension of your practice. The impression, tone, and design of your website should reflect the experience you expect your patient to receive from their interactions with your practice.

  • Is it easy to use? Does it adapt seamlessly to mobile devices, catering to the modern-day on-the-go lifestyle? Are there tools implemented to support patient enquires and/or bookings?
  • Is it compliant? Does the content adhere to current TGA and AHPRA guidelines, safeguarding both your practice and your patients?
  • Is the content aimed at patients or referrers? Do you offer valuable educational resources? Have you utilised having practice photography taken, or are you leaning into stock video and photography?

And most importantly—can patients find you? Enter your website into our free website audit tool to see how well your website is performing in Google search results.

What is the State Of Your Digital Marketing?

Our talk then shifted towards search engine optimisation (SEO), a long-term strategy to ensure your website content is relevant to your audience. Remember the old Yellow Pages book? It was always important for businesses to be included, and the closer to the front the better. SEO can deliver what the Yellow Pages did, but in real time. By optimising website content with SEO, you can ensure your presence is felt in the vast expanse of the digital landscape. Additionally, the Google Business Profile is a quick way for patients to get in touch with your practice without having to search for your details on your website.

Another effective way to drive traffic to your website and generate short term awareness is with paid listings through Google and social media. The great thing about this is that you only pay for the listings when users click on your ads. We’ve found paid advertising to have a high correlation to patient booking numbers.

What About Social Media?

Social media can be a daunting place for some, but as the digital world continues to advance, social media is fast becoming one of the best marketing tools around. There are two main ways to engage in social media marketing—organic and paid. Organic social media refers to posts across your platform that serve as a way of creating a style and image for your followers. Meanwhile, paid social media is about attracting new followers to your profile to engage with your content. Keep in mind, it’s important to use organic and paid social media together for optimal marketing.

As the conference came to an end, we were confident we made an unforgettable impression on the minds of attendees. In an era defined by connectivity and innovation, the journey towards effective digital marketing continues. Vividus has helped hundreds of people grow their healthcare business through digital marketing, and we can help you too.

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