GP & Dental Super Clinic Launch - Vividus

GP & Dental Super Clinic Launch

Location Sydney, NSW

Duration 3 Months - Local area campaign

New medical and dental practice launch into a highly saturated market in western Sydney.

  • StrategyStrategy
  • Graphic DesignGraphic Design
  • WebsiteWebsite
  • Google AdsGoogle Ads
  • Copy WritingCopy Writing

Notable growth

3 months
Minimum waitlist
Return on ad spend
Patient bookings
Monthly web traffic

New Practice Launch

From Zero to Hero

This fast-growing GP and dental super clinic, located in Sydney, opened in a highly competitive and saturated market. To ensure the success of the clinic, a fast-paced acquisition strategy was developed to acquire new patients quickly. This strategy was necessary to support the growing capacity of the clinic and ensure that it could meet the demands of the local market. To achieve this, a comprehensive marketing campaign was developed to reach out to potential patients and encourage them to visit the clinic.