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Melissa: The Mighty Mouse

A high school teacher by trade with over 10 years’ experience in both Australia and England, Melissa is endowed with skill in harmonising teams and fostering relationships. She is currently expanding her knowledge into the GP and specialist education arena to become our very own certified EAR in 2021.

Melissa is our awesome goddess of coolness.

A teacher by trade

Melissa’s official qualification is a Bachelor of Education specialising in Home Economics/Design and Technology. She is currently working towards adding an Education Activity Representative (EAR) accreditation to her accreditation portfolio.

She has a heart to help

In 2016, she completed the Oxfam 100km Trailwalker and raised over $7,000 for charity.

She's really hecking awesome

But you won’t really see how awesome unless you talk to her in person.

At Vividus, Melissa is responsible for coordinating business activities and managing client relationships. Being married to our director, she has been with Vividus since its founding in 2010.

Having taught at a high school level in Sydney, London, and Brisbane, Melissa is an expert at mediating discrepancies, navigating the unpredictable, and helping people feel secure, confident, and at home almost anywhere. She always aspires to see her clients achieve goals big and small; whether it’s a new practice opening, a website launch, or a businesses’ first Instagram follower, Melissa takes delight in every step of the journey.

She loves meeting new people, building lasting relationships, and putting her organisational skills to work. Her background in teaching Home Economics has also given her an eye for style: she also loves to be a part of the creative journey, presenting and delivering bespoke branding and insights to clients.

Outside of work, she highly involved in her local church and enjoys spending time with her family. Being married to Jason, she’s always primed for the unexpected and ready for adventure.

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