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2018’s Big Marketing Strategy Prediction

If your business aims to maintain growth and a reputation for being on the forefront of treatment and service options in 2018, it is becoming increasingly important to consider how your utilisation of technology as well as service and communication personalisation reflects upon your business or medical practice.

72% of businesses understand the importance of personalisation but don’t know how to incorporate it into everyday business procedures. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, knowing what your customers want, and promoting your services in the right way, the right context, and at the right time in each customer’s decision making process has never been more critical.

That is why it’s important for healthcare practices and businesses to include personalisation in their ‘New Year’ marketing plans, in order to avoid missed opportunities in 2018.

The Facts

  • Nearly three-quarters (74%) of online consumers get frustrated with website content (e.g. treatment options, professional articles, etc.) that is not relevant to their situation or informational search.
  • 73% of consumers prefer to do business with brands that use personal information to make their online and service experiences more relevant to their needs and wants.
  • 94% of businesses feel that personalisation is critical to current and future success.

The Personalised Experience

For many years we have recognised the importance of patient engagement in healthcare, some even calling it the “blockbuster drug of the century”. In 2018, offering a personalised online experience will be vital as consumers demand more from medical brands. The personalisation of a patient’s experience has the potential to achieve the “triple aim” of improved health outcomes, better patient care and lower costs. It appears companies are so convinced of its value that two-thirds expect a 6% increase in annual revenue from personalisation alone.

Personalisation of hospital and healthcare websites is critical because of the type and amount of information patients now require. Researchers include personalisation as a key criterion for evaluating hospital websites and portals. In corroboration, when asked to prioritise one capability that will be most important to marketing in the future, one-third of marketers answered: “personalisation”.

66% of consumers say they are extremely or somewhat likely to switch brands/providers if they feel like a number, rather than an individual. Therefore, simply changing practice messages so that they are tailored to a patient’s specific needs may be the difference between care provision and a missed opportunity.

The power of personalisation can be implemented into various campaigns on social media, websites, mobile and email. Patients constantly look for a vast amount of information, such as doctors specialising in certain areas, types of procedures, medications, potential side effects, facility visitation policies, billing information, insurance details, phone numbers, addresses — the list goes on. Hence, the opportunity for the personalisation of services and content is seemingly endless.

Marketing delivery systems are becoming more sophisticated every year. This means your online audience will only become more resistant to old-style, broad-brush communication methods in 2018.

Now is the ideal time for healthcare practices to reflect on their 2017 marketing results and plan a new and improved strategy for 2018.

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