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Vividus Healthcare Marketing has been delivering marketing services to our clients for over a decade. At Vividus we live and breathe the art and science of marketing. We like facts and figures, but also understand how to link creative messages that engage and influence people. We work closely with our clients to bring their vision and business goals to life, using our knowledge of technology, proven strategies and marketing tactics.

We’re a full-service marketing agency, which means we specialise in anything you need to create, improve, and grow your brand. Our services are all done under one roof by a small, friendly team that's big on commitment, energy, and results.

Jason Borody - Director - Vividus Healthcare Marketing

Jason Borody

Jason is the founder and director of Vividus Healthcare Marketing. He is a business leader, strategic marketer, consultant, and board member with a proven track record of helping large and small businesses alike grow and expand their reach.

His 25+ year career has involved working alongside brands such as Medtronic, The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists, The Private Practice, and Medtech Global, as well as presenting at over 100 events Australia-wide and helping hundreds of medical brands cement themselves in the competitive healthcare market.

Marketing Account Manager


Melissa is responsible for coordinating business activities and managing client relationships at Vividus. Being married to our director, she has been with Vividus since its founding in 2010.

A teacher by trade with over 10 years’ experience in both Australia and England, Melissa is endowed with skill in harmonising teams and fostering relationships. She is currently expanding her knowledge into the GP and specialist education arena to become our very own certified EAR in 2021.

Melissa Borody - Marketing Account Manager - Vividus Healthcare Marketing
Paula Staggs - Marketing Account Manager - Vividus Healthcare Marketing
Marketing Account Manager


As a senior marketer with over a decade’s experience in developing and continually reviewing effective marketing strategies and programs, Paula lends a wealth of knowledge to her role of managing client relationships and coordinating essential marketing activities at Vividus.

Her background in managing media buying for large Telco clients has fostered her natural ability to shift priorities and workloads for ideal results. She excels at delivering individualised marketing plans and strategies within tight timeframes and budgets.

Brad Ralph - Digital Marketing Manager - Vividus Healthcare Marketing
Digital Marketing Manager


Tim Thorburn - Web Development Manager - Vividus Healthcare Marketing
Web Development Manager


David Mostert - SEO Specialist - Vividus Healthcare Marketing
SEO Specialist


Account manager


Creative Designer


Kristy Burns - Creative Designer - Vividus Healthcare Marketing
Creative Designer


Cody Richardson - Photographer / Videographer - Vividus Healthcare Marketing
Photographer / Videographer


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