Why Personalised Marketing Will Dominate in 2015

  • November 18, 2015
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Why Personalised Marketing Will Dominate in 2015

We all appreciate being recognised, welcomed and treated as an individual. We relish that personal touch and this shouldn’t be any different when it comes to marketing.

With the wealth of implicit and explicit customer data available to us, the opportunities to create a personalised customer experience is well within our ability.

Particularly in ecommerce, personalisation is not just limited to welcome messages, but product recommendations, e.g. “if you liked this product, try this.” This can also be applied through social mining and tracking individuals reading habits to make useful personalised content recommendations to keep them engaged on your website for longer.

See how Virgin Air has done this form of marketing well. (include video: http://youtu.be/r3B8YYBKsS8)

You’re probably thinking, “This doesn’t apply to me because I’m not a big corporate like Virgin or Amazon.” Well you’re wrong! All marketing is good marketing if it has a personal touch. If you can cater to your prospects and customers’ individual problems, interests, needs and wants – you’ll keep them coming back for more!

Why personalise?

  • A customised web experience can increase conversions and boost your ROI.
  • Personalised emails boast 25% higher open rates and 51% higher click rates.
  • It improves customer retention – post-purchase loyalty programs that contain personalised offers are one of the most important factors in encouraging repeat purchase. This shouldn’t be a surprise as customer retention is built on relationship and familiarity, two things that personalisation both facilitates and is predicated upon.
  • Personalisation makes your marketing useful! By providing a personalised experience, brands have a real opportunity to provide much-needed utility in an increasingly noisy world of content, products and services to choose from.

Here are a few easy ways you can start personalising your marketing activities:

1.     Address emails to the recipient’s real name and send from a human

This is something you should already be doing; it is the easiest way to create a more personal experience. Most email service providers will enable you to customise your email messages with the recipient’s name, so take advantage of it! And then instead of having the sender as your company’s name, use your own or a team member’s name. You could even add a photo and email signature to the body of the email to show that you are indeed a real human.

2.     Segment your database

Segment your email list to generate a better response rate. The simplest way to do this is to create 3 personas based on your ideal customer and divide into 3 lists. Once this is done, personalise the messaging in your separate email sends to each list using the language that particular target group uses and responds to and tailored to their specifics needs. Consider that one persona may have problems that the other persona doesn’t.

3.     Create target specific landing pages

Customise the marketing messaging on each landing page to address the specific needs of each persona you have created. Similarly, you could do this for various offers you may be running.

4.     Experiment with Google+ circles to target content

Using circles, you can create different topics based on interests per target persona. We suggest that you ask your customers which circle they would like to be added to, to ensure that they’re receiving the information they’re truly interested in.

5.     Interact with customers on social media

As time-consuming as social media activities are, make sure you don’t over-automate your marketing posts and neglect to create real conversations with your loyal followers – answer their questions and comment where appropriate.

6.     Utilise lead intelligence to personalise follow up

All data you collect on your leads can be extremely helpful in shaping your segment personas, but it can also help with your sales, e.g. how he found your company to enquire or which content they’re interested in reading, what industry they work in, etc. This data can provide vital information to help you personalise you pitch and understand the unique needs of that particular lead before you’ve even picked up the phone. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to close the sale.

Effective personalised marketing requires being able to understand and communicate with customers in a meaningful way, even as those same customers are reached through technology channels rather than face-to-face ones.

Vividus can help you better understand how customers make decisions and how they develop buying habits online, on social media and in physical stores. Contact us today to learn more about how Vividus can help you.

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