Why is My Pitch Far From Pitch Perfect?

How many times have you introduced yourself to a new business connection only to watch them glaze over as you begin to tell them what you do? To you, your pitch sounded perfect in your head, but the minute it comes to life, you lose your audience in a matter of seconds.

Let’s examine what you’re doing wrong?

1.     Too much, too soon

You believe your business or opportunity is the best thing since sliced bread, and we’re not saying it’s not, but take a deep breath before sharing it with others because they may not be as impressed by it as you are. It’s human nature for us to get over excited about our products and services, so we tend to give our audience an information over-load.

Slow it down, think before you speak and remove the words you don’t need without losing the meaning of your sentence.

2.     You’re the same as Joe Soap over there

Generally speaking, most people have short attention spans, especially in networking environments. Trying to pitch something that is not unique or specialised in any way is an attention killer.

The more specialised you are and the more succinctly you articulate how you solve your target audience’s problems, the more attention you’ll gain.

3.     Keep it simple

Remember to keep your pitch simple, leave the fancy jargon at home and dumb it down, while still being unique and interesting. If you say your product or service is revolutionary – it’s probably not. If it’s any good, let it speak for itself.

4.     Desperate and Dateless

There’s a big difference between intention and attachment – don’t come across as too needy, because people will tend to walk away or avoid you.

Having the intention to win their interest and eventually business is essential. However, if you appear to be too attached to the outcome, you will land up looking desperate and inevitably “dateless”.

If you’re passionate about your business you’ll never stop pitching and continuing to find ways to improve. Speak to Vividus to help you fine-tune your pitch and get a better outcome.