Why Create an Online School Survey?

Measuring Parent Satisfaction do you know what your customers really think of your school?

Successful businesses (including medical centres and schools) have a fundamental point of commonality – a drive to better understand how to create and deliver value to their customers.

Businesses continually seek answers to the important questions that will help them measure and improve their products and services and make them more competitive. Likewise, key stakeholders of independent schools require regular feedback. The best way to quickly and effectively collect this type of data from your staff, parents, students, and extended school community is through online surveys.

By starting dialogue among important people in the school community including parents, staff and students, a school survey adds a significant edge to statutory reporting, strategic planning and management decisions that drive school performance and effectiveness.

Schools are required to answer questions surrounding perceptions on learning expectations, communication, affordability and facilities & resources, but the process of collating this data is often complex and time-consuming.

Here are our 7 tips for creating effective surveys:

  1. Make sure the questions are relevant to the research projects purpose
  2. Ask direct questions – unclear questions will affect data integrity.
  3. Question construction – consider structure, wording and the pre-coding of answers.
  4. Ask one question at a time, this will make it easier for the respondent to answer.
  5. The questions and the survey layout must be user-friendly – this will ensure answers are accurate and that the respondent completes the survey.
  6. To achieve the most meaningful data, surveys are best conducted in an unintimidating environment.  Online surveys are a great way of achieving this.
  7. The survey should have uniformity so that the data can be easily compared and analysed.

By conducting regular annual surveys, your school can improve its learning environment through improved procedures, planning and overall success based on unbiased survey data.

Want help setting up your next school survey?

Vividus offers a comprehensive school survey for parents, students and staff, which can be used for marketing and statutory reporting.

The surveys are simple to use, engaging with respondents, cost effective and provide high quality graphical reports.

Contact us today to discover what your staff, parents and students think about your school.