The Rise of Ghost Enquiries

Have you ever wondered how many parents considered your school for their children, but didn’t make an enquiry?

The traditional system where families express interest by phoning the school office with the purpose of receiving an enrolment pack is fast dwindling.

If you are like other schools, it is likely you are experiencing a rise in ghost enquiries, where the first point of contact with prospective families is when an online application form is submitted. The implication of this is that families have made up their minds about your school without you having a voice in the conversation.

This has started schools thinking about their marketing and admission funnel in a new light. As a result, schools are looking more closely at the key satisfaction drivers that influence parents in selecting a school for their child.

Through research we know that parents identify the following as significant factors when choosing a school for their child:

  • Good teachers
  • Educational excellence
  • Supportive caring environment
  • Good facilities

Do you know how your school measures up?

Satisfaction Surveys are a valuable tool for discovering parent, staff and student attitudes towards important school management, academic, co-curricular and marketing attributes. Based on survey feedback from the school community, schools can identify specific areas that confirm their strengths as well as targeting areas for ongoing improvement that affect school selection and re-enrolment.

How often should satisfaction surveys be conducted?
We recommend school satisfaction surveys be conducted only once per year in term 3 or early term 4 to avoid survey fatigue. For the best comparisons, repeat surveys should be conducted at roughly the same time of year.

Why use a third party to conduct surveys?
Survey participants are more likely to give honest feedback when they know that their identities will be kept confidential. Additionally survey design isn’t just asking questions – it’s asking the right questions in the right way. Once the survey is complete a third party can sort the data for you in meaningful way and display it in an easy to read document.

What to do with the survey findings?
Once you have conducted your survey, it is important to use the learnings from the data to continuously implement improvements to your school and effectively communicate these changes to both existing and potential parents/students – and better influencing the ghost enquiry through your digital communications.

Make sure you’re not missing out on ghost enquiries and take part in this year’s Vividus School Satisfaction Surveys.  Give us a call to find out more on 07 3482 4262.