The Most Dependable Marketing Channels

  • November 18, 2015
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The Most Dependable Marketing Channels

Online Marketing Experts - Surprisingly, Say that Less is More?

Google, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest,, Bing and now, mobile marketing.

The list just seems to keep growing. It's no wonder so many small business owners and medical professionals are confused and even overwhelmed about where and how to focus their marketing.

Even professional marketing firms are having a hard time integrating marketing strategies across all the available communication channels. What's the answer- Surprisingly, a lot of seasoned marketing professionals claim that, even with the array of options available today, you can make a big impact focusing on your top three marketing channels.

Here are a few of the most dependable and effective marketing channels for growing a thriving business.

#1: Direct Mail

The internet might have made it "cheaper" to reach your prospects. But direct mail is still one of the most trusted forms of media for reaching new patients or students and following up with existing ones. Many business owners assume that direct mail is less effective today because less business owners are using it.

Following the crowd isn't the smartest way to get to the top 5% of your profession. Email response rates are dropping with each year, but direct mail response rates have been steadily going up. Try direct mail for the next 90 days. Measure your response rates and track the profits which come from using this trusted form of media.

Here are a few tips for using direct mail:

  1. Only mail to people who match your ideal prospect. A smaller targeted list is better than a large general list.
  2. Use multi-step campaigns instead of just sending one promotion. The more touch points you make, the more likely people are to respond.
  3. Give your reader two response options instead of just inviting them to call a phone number. Some people might be ready to download a brochure online and do some research before talking to someone.

#2: Article Syndication

Everyone is talking about having a blog these days. However, there are dozens of popular sites, which would be happy to post an article written by a professional like yourself. These sites already get thousands of views more than your blog. One article on a site like this could bring you more traffic than hundreds of posts on your own blog.

Make it a goal to get three to four articles a year published on these types of sites. If you can, find sites which are linked to a printed publication. The more you get, the easier it will be to use that publicity to get more articles published. You might also get the opportunity to become a regular writer, which can turn you into an authority in your niche and bring thousands of new views to your website every month.

#3: Reviews on Social Media Sites

Social Media can either be a huge success or a waste of time. The most valuable use of social media is as a billboard for testimonials. However, a lot of businesses simply use their Facebook page or their YouTube channel to post offers and ads. Imagine how much more credibility you could build by covering YOUR social media accounts with reviews.

How do you get reviews? Develop a process for getting the review immediately. Get the office staff involved and treat this process just as seriously as you'd treat your process for collecting payments. Remember that just one review on a social media site can be worth dozens of referrals a year.

If you work in the Healthcare or Education industries you should already be aware of industry regulations and best practices for advertising in general. Ensure you keep up to date with these guidelines and their regulations regarding the use of, and advertising and promotion through social media.

For more information regarding social media guidelines for Education, visit the Department of Education website for your state. For more information regarding Healthcare marketing guidelines click here.

Want More Ways to Grow Your Practice or School?

If you're ready to attract more walk-in business using the internet or offline marketing channels, Vividus can help. We develop strategies which help businesses, healthcare professionals and schools grow their business online and offline with targeted and strategic marketing campaigns. If you're ready to grow, please contact us.

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