Taking Your School Marketing Promotions to the Next Level

Whether your school is relatively new or is well established, there is always room for improvement. In order to get the most out of your marketing promotions, it is important to set new goals and track the progress of those goals.

Through a few small adjustments and improvements, you can make a big difference in your school’s marketing. After all, there’s no point in having a great promotional campaign if the basic foundational items are not strong enough to pull parents over the line.

Improve your Website

Your school’s website can be the difference between a prospective parent making an enquiry or looking for a different option. If your site is out-of-date, more often than not, the prospective parent will attribute the same thing to your school.

An effective website should be informative, easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, memorable and encourage enquiries.

It is also important that your branding is kept consistent across all marketing communications including website, brochures, newsletters, etc., to ensure the same effect on your prospective and existing parents.

Get Social

Social media is a great way to reveal your school to new parents, and keep existing parents and students up-to-date and informed on current events. As long as you keep it professional, informative and follow the guidelines to protect your school’s reputation, there’s no reason you wouldn’t have every success with this platform. You may wish to read our article on How to manage your school’s reputation in the digital era.

Review your Branding

Sometimes all your school needs is a little change. Signs and logos can easily blend into the surroundings and become outdated. A simple change in colour or use of a different font could potentially make you someone’s choice of school. Whether it’s a catchy logo, or a name to remember, make it something that is hard to forget.

Find your Niche

With the growing number of schools, it is all too easy for your school to disappear in the crowd. Find your point of difference and stand out to prospective parents.

Adapt to Changing Technology

In this day and age, technology improves at an exponential rate that can be tough to keep up with. Adapting your school in order to utilise innovative technology can be very beneficial in refining your efficiency and convenience for parents.

Creating a responsive website that is compatible with desktops, tablets and smartphones improves accessibility and builds consistency, regardless of the platform. Alternatively you may wish to develop a mobile app, which is the perfect way to connect parents with the school in a convenient way. Schools who neglect the coming age of technology run the risk of losing prospective students.


Once you have managed to capture the interest of prospective parents through your promotional campaigns, it’s important to keep them interested. Work on building the relationship with interested parents by connecting with them and keeping them in the conversation. Develop a follow-up and lead nurture campaign that includes a mix of personal contacts, emails and mail-outs.

If you need help identifying which areas of your school’s marketing need tweaking and improving, give Vividus a call and take your marketing to the next level.