Taking your business online

Small businesses are becoming more numerous in this growth environment. How do you stand out and differentiate yourself from your competitors? One simple and effective solution is a dynamic and user friendly website.

Research by MYOB Business Monitor revealed that over half of business owners agree that the Internet is a critical channel for business?s marketing and promotion. This was supported by small businesses with websites earning 7% more in the last 12 months than their offline counterparts.

Yet, the same research found that two thirds of Australian businesses do not have a website. This is most likely due to a lack of experience, with one fifth of small businesses not knowing how to use the web to help their business.

Many small businesses find the task of creating a dynamic, individual and easy to use online page overwhelming. However, when broken down into a few key elements it is quite manageable:

  1. Ensure ease of navigation – establishing a simple and clear design will result in maximum use of your website and ROI. This can be achieved by grouping like pages together in a sub-navigational model, creating descriptive headings and clearly labeling the contact page to ensure potential customers can reach you.
  2. Appealing design – keeping the website aesthetically pleasing by minimizing the word count and reducing clutter will allow the viewer to identify your key messages and remain engaged.
  3. Optimisation –  search engine and image optimization will allow your website to be seen first and load the fastest.
  4. Compatibility – it is essential that with the growth of mobile technology that your website is mobile and tablet friendly so that customers can access your page on the go.
  5. Communication channels – by employing a blog or online newsletter your business will open up communication channels and keep customers up to date with new services and information. Another benefit of including a blog is that search engines index blogs more quickly than other pages meaning that your page will be one of the first results.