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Understanding your customers, competition and business landscape can provide an incredible advantage. A list of ideas does not constitute a marketing plan. Successful marketing requires an intentional, consistent, systematic approach to increase sales through better management decisions and practices.


Marketing Plans

Our action-orientated marketing plans provide a diversified portfolio of strategies and corresponding tactics custom developed for your business needs.

Don’t waste valuable time and money on “trial and error” marketing that is inconsistently implemented and rarely measured.

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Work alongside experienced marketing managers who treat your business like their own. Vividus strategic marketing plans are special, incorporating a dynamic process, not just a static document.


Crystalise your business goals and prioritise the best tactics to achieve them.


Your marketing plan will outline the most effective methods to reach existing and potential clients.


Well crafted plans remove guesswork from marketing, providing  purpose-driven strategies to accomplish goals.

2hr Workshop
1x Target Analysis
1x Competitor Analysis
Basic Positioning
Strategy Development
12 month Tactical Plan
4hr Workshop
2x Target Analysis
3x Competitor Analysis
Brand Positioning
Strategy Development
12 month Tactical Plan
Presentation to Business
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Research & Surveys

Customer experience is paramount. You must provide opportunities for feedback and learn to listen so that you can provide the solutions your customers want.

Vividus takes care of the entire survey process for minimal business disruption and to ensure confidential, unbiased and independent results that you can trust. We focus on understanding not just data, but customer psychology. We use industry-leading analysis, benchmarking and insights to provide easy to read reports that identify key learnings, trends and opportunities for improvement.

But it’s not just about the surveys. To ensure performance is taken to the next level, we can also integrate your learnings into strategic planning, business coaching and your overall marketing program.

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Understanding your customers, competition and business landscape can provide an incredible advantage.


Increase Retention

Satisfied clients remain loyal when they believe their provider is genuinely interested in their well-being.

Reduce Risk

Most clients filing malpractice suits claim that poor communication is the main reason for the lawsuit.

Increase Word-of-Mouth

Satisfied clients tell others about their experiences.

Increase Client Understanding

A well-educated client is more likely to accept your recommendations.


Vividus Research services include:

  • Online Surveys and polls
  • Sentiment surveys
  • Staff surveys
  • Training surveys
  • Event surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Attitudinal studies
  • Feedback tools
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Data Mining

Convert data into rich learnings. Data mining involves unlocking the stories inside your data to help you leverage business opportunities.

Our data mining services will help you identify everything you need to know about your business using advanced statistical, numerical and multivariate techniques.

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