St Andrews Christian College Survey Case Study

  • November 18, 2015
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St Andrews Christian College Survey Case Study

Victoria based school, St Andrews Christian College has been conducting their annual school surveys using Vividus? Effective School Surveys for the last 4 years.

The school is required to provide key stakeholders with regular feedback from the school community, and has an admirable culture of continual improvement.

St Andrews Christian College Leadership appreciate the importance of providing the school community with a safe opportunity to voice their feedback, level of satisfaction, attitudes and suggestions on a broad range of school attributes and characteristics.

In order to gain as much participation as possible, Vividus sent out an introductory email, which served as both the survey invitation and an explanation of what the survey was about. Follow up emails were then sent to remind participants who had not yet completed the survey, giving them the opportunity to have their say or unsubscribe.

St Andrews Principal, Catriona Wansbrough said, ?Vividus provided us with the tools, knowledge and insight into our school community and as such we have been able to celebrate our strengths and improve our weaknesses based on the survey results and reporting.?

The Challenge:

Meet the school?s requirements in the most efficient and cost effective way, while receiving as much interaction from parents, staff and students.

The Solution:

With the help of Vividus, St Andrews Christian College used the Effective School Surveys package to:

  • Create sophisticated easy-to-use online surveys
  • Fine tune the survey to attain the best results
  • Collet data from parents, students and staff
  • Successfully conduct research with a limited budget

The Results:

Based on the survey feedback from the school community, St Andrews has been able to identify a number of specific areas that confirm the College’s excellence and progress in many ways as well as targeting areas for ongoing improvement and development. The results have been very positive and pervasive through the whole school.

Some highlights include:

  • Development of stronger and more efficient communications both within the school and local community, that better provide the information people are looking for and use more effective communications channels.
  • Improved staff programs and activities.
  • Organisation and day-to-day management processes have been upgraded.
  • More effective and timely processes have been implemented to respond to any issues or questions raised by parents.
  • Optimised cost structures in key areas and better communications to provide better real and perceived value to parents.
  • Higher quality educational outcomes through several initiatives throughout the school.
  • Subject offerings and co-curricular learning options are being better tailored to student and parent expectations.

Additionally, we have observed other ?halo? benefits regarding a stronger sense of community and morale within the school.

The success of the surveys has led St Andrews Christian College to engage with Vividus for the last 4 years running. We?re so pleased to have been a part of their continued growth and improvement.

If you would like to enjoy similar results for your school, contact Vividus today!

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