Northside Gynaecology


  • Graphic Design

Northside Gynaecology. It sounds straightforward and it's very clear what they do. However, they're more than just a gynaecological clinic. They're an all female group medical practice that care about each patient's unique situation, and this needed to be reflected through their brand.

So we gave them exactly that, an identity. We developed clear messaging to help define what they stand for and reimagined how they could better speak to the women of Brisbane (about what can be a very sensitive subject).

We have freshened up their look and feel, and are running social media campaigns for women of all ages, from teens through to those enjoying retirement, to help raise awareness of women's health. The results speak for themselves!

Northside Gynaecology
Northside Gynaecology
Northside Gynaecology
Northside Gynaecology

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