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Vividus Partner

Hi, we're Vividus, a full-service marketing agency on the north side of Brisbane, serving clients around Australia.

We believe in building mutually beneficial long-term relationships with business partners, government departments and clients. Our partner program is designed to supply white-label services for other agencies, technical support, consulting arrangements, referral agreements, and preferred-supplier contracts.

We offer a range of reliable and flexible options for engaging Vividus including time-based adhoc services, pre-purchased time blocks, fixed price quotes, and retainers.

Who You
Should Contact

Our team may be contacted on 07 3482 4262 or by email
Monday-Thursday: 8am-5pm AEST
Friday: 8am-3pmAEST

Paula Staggs: Marketing and project queries (

Jason Borody: Marketing and project queries (

Melissa Borody: Project and billing queries (

How to
Get Started

Review our service offering and see examples of our work to determine how we can best work with your company or with clients on your behalf

Review our terms of service to ensure a good fit and an understanding of both Vividus and client/partner rights and obligations.

Learn more and download resources for your team or to share with clients.

Let us know if your would like to discuss your specific client's requirements, or would like a Vividus team member to meet with your client.

What Does
Vividus Mean?

Vividus comes from an ancient word meaning 'full of life'. Our modern word ‘vivid’ comes from this ancient Latin word and its five meanings beautifully sum up our marketing services:

  1. Passionately proactive (vivid personality)
  2. Distinct (a vivid account of events)
  3. Creative (vivid imagination)
  4. Strikingly brilliant (vivid colours and images)
  5. Unforgettable (vivid recall)


The foundation of our identity, culture and spirit, they direct our team’s decisions and conduct, ensuring alignment with each other, clients, and our vision as we build a brilliant business that is admired by others.

  1. Be Real: Always authentic and reliable, true to ourselves and others.
  2. Generous Results: Add maximum value to the lives of our clients, team and community.
  3. Community: Build meaningful relationships, have each other's back and care for people.
  4. Adventure: New ideas, innovative solutions, evolving technologies, and exciting experiences.
  5. Marketing for Life: It's all about people living life to the full and achieving life dreams.

Let's create
something great

We'd love to discuss your marketing & how we can help

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