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Strategic marketing & business planning

A whole business approach, not just cards and brochures.

It’s more than just marketing!

Getting any business off the ground is no easy feat – let alone a medical business, which needs specialised marketing strategies that ensure compliance. Our strategic marketing and business planning services let you focus on the patients in your clinic, not on getting them there.

Marketing may be what we’re most known for, but it’s not all we do. We partner with practice setup professionals and work with your business right from the start to align it for future success.

Already in business?

Your practice doesn’t have to be new to start being better. Take our marketing health check to find out how your strategy could improve.

Our process

Developing a sound strategy that's void of guesswork and maybes takes 2–4 weeks. Here's how we do it.


Step 1


We believe in collaboration at every step, so we get key insights into your business by meeting with your decision-makers. We love doing this in-person and over fresh local coffee, but we’ll gladly meet online as well.



Step 2


With help from your stakeholders, we identify what makes your brand special and how you can capitalise on it. Your personal insights help us find gaps in your competitors’ services, identify your ideal patients, and develop winning strategies to attract them.



Step 3


After reviewing our findings, we’ll create and present a draft activity plan. This includes suggestions for splitting your budget effectively, ideal communication methods, and recommendations for positioning yourself in the marketplace.



Step 4


We develop an activity calendar with top-line budget approval. This lets us step out your strategy and activities to make sure you get the most out of your available resources. Once it’s done, we’ll submit it to you for approval.



Step 5


Once you approve the plan, we spring straight into action! Our whole team gets involved to get your practice growing.


Our promise

We market a lot of new practices, so we understand how strained budgets can be. Especially in the early stages.

To keep your costs low, we refuse to recommend strategies that we don’t think will benefit you. That means you can trust us for advice that makes a difference, and nothing you don’t need.

Webinars - Vividus Healthcare Marketing
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New practice

Proven-effective techniques that will help you position and establish your practice.

What's included?

  • Development workshop
  • Access to other industry professionals
  • Planing and projecting your future market share
  • Prioritising your marketing activities
  • Heaps of other cool stuff

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Webinars - Vividus Healthcare Marketing

Our promise

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We've helped medical businesses like yours

Advanced Health Medical & Dental

+ 18,600 site visitors
+ 5,285 booking leads
+ 351% return on ad spend

Orthopaedics SA

+ 240% site visitors
+ 102% organic site visitors
+ 61% booking leads

Business Fitness

+ 318% website visitors
+ 196% sales
+ 348% lead value

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