Is It Really Better To Give Than To Receive?

If making money is your primary goal, don’t expect customers, employees, or potential clients to passionately support you. People don’t want to support businesses who are selfishly motivated, inwardly focused, or indifferent to the needs of the community around them. What do you stand for? We love companies with a cause. People who are genuinely interested in making the world a better place and giving battlers a hand – it’s the Aussie spirit. In “Customer Bonding: 5 Steps to Lasting Customer Loyalty” Richard Cross and Janet Smith write, ?Identity bonds are formed when customers admire and identify with values, attitudes, or lifestyle preferences that they associate with your brand or product. Customers form an emotional attachment based on their perception of those shared values.? It may seem counter-intuitive, but good works can be good for your business as well as your cause. Research has shown the majority of consumers consciously prefer businesses who make a difference in the world. Customers become more loyal and effectively become “evangelists” for your businesses through increased referrals. Employees tend to be more committed, and other businesses show higher regard and goodwill.

Pepsi has launched The Pepsi Refresh Project, a massive effort to help fund user-generated and grassroots projects to improve the world, one community at a time. The company claims it’ll give out $1,300,000 per month, and through social networking sites (like Facebook), it is the crowd (us) who get to vote where the money should be spent. Now that’s a clever campaign to engage people with the Pepsi brand and influence their attitudes towards the company! It differentiates Pepsi in a super competitive market and distracts people from the unhealthy nature of most of their products! Do you sell products and services?… Or do you sell dreams? Why are you in business?… What do you stand for? Don’t forget Daffodil Day is today.