How Social Is Your Marketing?

Last month Old Spice launched a series of TV ads supported by an online social media campaign.



The TV ad created awareness, but it “exploded” through social media (especially Twitter, Facebook and YouTube). Links to the original ad appeared on Twitter instantly, and fun imitations of the ad have appeared in droves. But the real fuel to the fire was having the “Old Spice Guy” (Isaiah Mustafah) respond to users’ tweets and home made video rip-offs directly through a series of short YouTube video clips featured OSG charming users with witty repartee. The results have been remarkable: – Over 83 million views at YouTube – Over 140,000 subscribers to the YouTube channel – Over 92,000 Twitter followers – Over 685,000 Facebook Likes Ad agency Wieden + Kennedy combined sound strategy, customer insights, and playful creative with very clever use of media. Have you considered the potential of social media in your marketing mix? Yesterday I posted several posters I have prepared for an upcoming trade expo, and received a number of new business inquiries throughout the day as a result. Talk to Vividus if you have questions about which marketing strategies and tactics will work best for your business. Don’t underestimate the benefits of outsourcing your marketing to experts!

The Making Of The TV Commercial