Google April 21 Update

  • November 18, 2015
  • Google Advertising
  • SEO
Google April 21 Update

Is your website mobile friendly? If not, on April 21 you may start ranking lower on Google searches.

Google has announced a major update, warning that they will start favouring mobile-friendly websites in search results. Experts predict a "significant impact" to businesses worldwide, expecting a greater impact than previous Google updates due to the relatively low number of mobile-friendly websites.

Why is this important? In 2014 Google accounted for almost 70% of search engine enquiries - If people can't find your website, you will likely lose them to one of your competitors.

Protect your business in 2 easy steps:

Step 1: Check your website now, using Google's online test.

Step 2: If it's not mobile-friendly, you need to contact us quickly, otherwise you will be likely to jeopardise the traffic that you've been receiving.

Now is the time to ensure your website is optimised for mobile devices, because after the 21st April 2015 you risk losing search engine ranking status, significant website traffic, and potential business.

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