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What is Google AdWords?

AdWords is a powerful online advertising channel utilised through a pay-per-click (PPC) method within Google. AdWords is essentially a private auction where advertisers can bid on specific sets of keywords that are relevant to your business, in which Google will display your ads when those specific keywords are searched by users (generally in order of the highest bidder per keyword).

Pretty straight forward? Not exactly. There’s a lot of strategy and planning within AdWords to ensure you’re driving the most targeted, qualified and relevant visitors to your site, in the most cost-effective way. As a business owner or Marketing Manager, you rely on driving traffic to your website through multiple sources, 99% of the time the highest source is Google. This is why Google AdWords is so important, it’s an opportunity to outrank your competitor’s ads and capitalise on the search demand within the market, especially for your product.


A data-driven approach

Vividus takes a methodical approach to AdWords management, because no two accounts are the same. The most important outcome to us is client results. Therefore, we need to know what your core business objectives are, why type of customers or clientele you want and the products or services within your business that are most profitable.

Our AdWords management service entails the following process (although not limited to):

  • Campaign Review / Setup
    • Keyword analysis and research (search volumes, costs and intent)
    • Campaign structure (campaigns > ad copy > keywords)
  • Competitor Analysis
    • Review of competitor’s ads
  • Conversion Tracking
    • Tracking specific conversion users make (click-to-call, enquiry forms, downloads)
    • Google Analytics integration
  • Monitoring & Optimisation
    • General campaign performance review
    • Optimisation of keywords, ad copy
    • Bid analysis
    • Optimisation of devices
    • Day-parting (what is the best time that your audience in engaging)
    • Negative keywords strategy (ensuring irrelevant keywords don’t trigger ads
  • Landing Pages
    • Landing page design and development (if custom landing pages are to be used)
    • Review of current web pages to determine most relevant
  • Testing
    • A/B testing, ensuring the best ads constantly perform
    • Device, day and time of day performance
  • Remarketing
    • Retargeting lost visitors with relevant creative (banners, Google Display Network)
  • Transparent Reporting
    • Insightful monthly client reports (including spends, performance and conversions)


  • FACT: 94% of Australian’s use Google to source information


Building the cornerstone of your online presence includes planning, designing, writing, programming and testing. However the work doesn’t stop with your website, and forgetting about it isn’t an option, in fact online marketing is a must if your website is going to be successful.
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Some of our online marketing services include:

  • Google SEO
  • Google Adwords
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Generation
  • Online PR
  • Online Directory Listings
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