Get people talking about you!

We all know how fast gossip can travel, especially when it is scandalous or exciting, so why is discussing businesses and products any different? It is not!

Word of mouth is the holy grail of media. It’s the most influential form of message communication due to the perfect combination of key message elements:

  1. Right message – the ‘talker’ will ensure that the message is engaging for the receiver by tailoring the message to their needs, increasing retention.
  2. Trusted source – 82% of people trust their friend’s advice compared to only 14% of people trusting advertisers.
  3. The right receiver – a friend will only share a message if they are sure of the receiver’s interest, again increasing retention.
  4. No distraction – unlike any other form of marketing communication, word of mouth forces consumers to listen to the message because they are engaged in a two-way conversation increasing interest and minimising distraction and competition.

Studies by Burson-Marsteller found that on social media a person will pass on a positive message to thirteen people but pass on a negative message to seventeen people. Positive word of mouth is extremely beneficial with a 7% increase in word of mouth activity causing a 1% jump in additional company growth.

How can your business motivate your consumers to positively discuss you to achieve growth? Easy, just focus on these three points:

  • Profile your ‘talkers’ – identify people who would be likely to pass on messages about your business. These are usually people who are regular customers, who want free samples, or are active on any of your business?s online media.
  • Give them something to talk about – free samples, a special reward for sending people to you or give away snacks when people are waiting in line.
  • Deliver – once you have got people talking about your business make sure that you provide value to each customer to encourage more positive word of mouth.

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