Facebook Video Posts Reach More Fans

Photos may still be the most common post type on Facebook, however recent research from Socialbakers shows that photo posts are taking a backseat when it comes to audience reach.

This information is based on data from 670,000 Facebook posts made by 4,445 brands between October 2014 and February 2015.

It was found that videos uploaded to Facebook using the social network’s own video player, have more organic reach (8.7% on average) compared to photo posts, which sit at around 3.7%.  This makes videos the post type most likely to reach audiences.

The research also revealed that on average video posts reach fan News Feeds 5.7% of the time, compared with 2.3% for photo posts.   Status updates (4.8%) and link posts (3.8%) were sandwiched in-between photo and video posts.

Facebook video is somewhat of a superstar right now, and according to the report is for the time being one of the best ways for brands to reach their fans.