Facebook changes - Part 2: Behind the Scenes

Have you ever heard the saying “they’re a beautiful person inside and out?” The new Facebook changes aren’t just about the exterior, there have been some changes to what goes on behind the glitz and glamour as well.

One of the first things you will see if you?re an admin of a page is the new Admin Panel across the top of your page. The new Admin Panel gives you a snapshot of notifications, page insights, messages and page performance.

New likes

Why do you need to see who last liked your page? So you can connect with them personally. You can only see the last 4 people who liked your page on screen, however by clicking see all, you can go back and see everyone who has liked your page.


It’s not until you have at least 30 people liking your page will you see the coloured graph. This initial graph is only to give you a basic overview of your performance data, but for those nosey types when you click see all you will be taken to a page with the following 4 headings at the top:

  • Overview: This section is all about your posts and the interaction they have received.
  • Likes:  If you want to know the demographics of your followers, then this is where you find an overview including age, gender, country, city and language
  • Reach:  The demographics of who your posts reached, where they came to your page from and which tabs they have looked at.
  • Talking About This: Demographics of the people who are talking about your page, which means that they have commented, liked or shared posts on your page (Demographic data for People Talking About This is only available when more than 30 people were talking about this Page in the 7 days preceding the last day of your selected date range.)


Messages is a new feature for pages, it lets anyone, whether they like your page or not, you a private message directly.  The page admin can reply to any messages but can’t send messages to all fans or anyone else on Facebook – they need to message you first.

Facebook have put together a handy guide to help you understand the new Timeline format and all its bells and whistles. Download it now from our Resources Page