Creating Content That Reigns

“Just throw some content together… we’ll get to it later.” Has that thought ever gone through your mind?

“As long as we have our name out there!” Right?… Wrong! The importance of great content has never been more critical.

You have a terrific opportunity to grow your business through content marketing – but so does everyone else. Great content can help propel your business forward and set you apart.

So what is content marketing?

Content is all the communication that you have with prospective clients. As you interact through quality and targeted content, you will build awareness, relationship, and trust. It is all about reputation management. Are you professional or amateurish? Trustworthy or shifty? Clever or inept? Clients will be drawn to good content. If you want your business to really shine, go that one step further, develop great content. This will compel your clients to share your business with others.


There are so many channels easily accessible; website, blog, video, seminars, Facebook, twitter, just to name a few. This has allowed each of us to become publishers. So how do you create outstanding content that sets you apart? Ann Handley of Everybody Writes states, “As the industry continues to mature, it’s becoming more critical to find trained professionals to not only create great content but also strategically plan for its development, distribution, and measurement.”

Utility x Inspiration x Empathy = Quality Content (Ann Handley)

Content is about truthful quality and not quantity. The words you use need to be succinct and chosen carefully. Place the important words at the beginning of your sentences. This will help you to engage your prospective clients.

According to Captora, there are “Five Ways to Create Content that Reigns”.

  1. Use data. “Some two-thirds of marketers say data drives their digital marketing, and 71% say it enables the delivery of more relevant messaging to more finely segmented audience.”
  2. Reach the right buyers. Who is your target market? What content will be most appealing to this group of people?
  3. Get visual. Easy to understand, appealing to read graphics makes content beg to be read.
  4. Get emotional. Engage. The most viral emotions include amusement, happiness and interest. The least include anger, politeness and doubt.
  5. Be everywhere. We live in a multi-channel world. Meet people where they are at through as many devices as possible.

Content Marketing should be intentional, planned, engaging, and purposeful. It promotes who you are and why people should associate with your business.  Contact Vividus on or 07 3283 2233 if you would like more information about how we can help you enhance your Content Marketing.