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Brand Creation & Transformation



Building brands that stand out, connect and prosper

Successful brands have strong identity, cutting through competitive clutter, engaging like-minded people, and building reputations of success.



Strong brands are built before any design work begins. We work alongside your team to crystalise your identity and unique differentiators to create a compelling market position. Building on this strategic positioning we help you clearly articulate your identity. Our full service branding ensures every aspect of your brand is engaging, impactful, and memorable.


Brand Creation & Transformation

Strong branding is foundational to the success of any business as it embodies the public representation of your philosophy, values, and service. Strategically developed branding creates IP assets for your business that pay back through improved marketability and increased brand equity over time – which is crucial to short term business growth and long-term investment.


Naming & Trademarks

We understand you must love your brand or business name, so we use proprietary tools to brainstorm and evaluate name options that effectively support your brand story and market positioning. We perform all the necessary business and trademark searches, and have lawyers that ensure your brand intellectual property (IP) is securely protected.


Logo Design

Perception is reality and great design creates powerful impressions of your brand. Our team of marketing strategists and brand designers collaborate to create unique and versatile logos by representing your values and story through colours, fonts, shapes and composition.


Style Guides

Consistency in brand application and messaging is critical to customer recognition and recall. Your style guide clearly sets out how your brand’s identity, story and design elements should be implemented across all mediums and touch-points.

  • FACT: People Are Visual – 90% of information processed by our brains is visual and colour increases brand recognition by 80%.


Building the cornerstone of your online presence includes planning, designing, writing, programming and testing. However the work doesn’t stop with your website, and forgetting about it isn’t an option, in fact online marketing is a must if your website is going to be successful.
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Some of our online marketing services include:

  • Google SEO
  • Google Adwords
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Generation
  • Online PR
  • Online Directory Listings
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