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Our prodigious copywriter Sam’s obsession with all things digital began back in the internet’s dark age: the early 2000s. She survived countless battles with Altavisa, dial-up internet, burning CDs, and MySpace, and somehow still hasn’t lost the will to to work in the digital world.

After a few stints as an e-commerce store owner and affiliate marketer, Sam eventually found her perfect match in direct response copywriting: a deadly mixture of psychology, puzzle solving, and good old fashioned storytelling that makes even the most seasoned writers shudder. One taste and she was hooked.

These days, Sam spends her time writing stunning copy and helping to build mind-blowing marketing solutions for our Vividus team. Working her literary magic is up there on her list of favourite things in life, alongside travelling and exploring new places, reading, expanding her (already huge) knowledge base online, hanging out with her partner Stuart, and being a willing human slave to their Italian Greyhound, Blue.

Whatever’s holding you back – boring web copy, an intimidating article that needs writing, or advice for your relationship with your furry friend - Sam’s got you covered.

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