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Graphics Magician

Kristy - Vividus Marketing

She may not be a fan of coffee (shocking, we know), but our Kristy is everything else we could possibly ask for in a designer: she’s bursting with creativity, loves a tight turnaround and a tough project, and never fails to impress with her gorgeous graphics.

Kristy has a hidden talent: she can pull fantastic images form her client’s imaginations and make them manifest digitally, even when they couldn’t quite picture their vision to start with. Alongside almost anything outdoorsy and adventurous, it’s her passion.

Her other (less hidden) talent is creating smiles. Whether it’s by making her client’s faces light up when she proves that a picture really is worth a thousand words, brightening up the office with her infectious laughter, or exercising her wicked sense of humour, Kristy excels in keeping everyone happy.

So whether it’s a pesky deadline, a dull project in need of a little vivacity, or a lack of travel recommendations that’s got you down, Kristy can provide the perfect pick-me-up.

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