Creative Director.

Master of Crayons


They say those who can’t do teach, which is why our graphics designer Andy gave up on his teaching degree to pursue what he does best: producing killer imagery that’s sure to knock your socks off. And boy, are we glad he did.

He’s a connoisseur of coffee (like every designer) but that’s where the similarities end. He can look deep into the story behind the creative façade, understand its complexity and layers, and create masterpiece after masterpiece from its depths without even breaking a sweat.

The one thing Andy does break a sweat doing is playing cricket, which he’s done since he was 8 years old. His cricket skills are past their prime now, but he’s gradually imparting his expertise onto his two girls.

So if you’re after cutting edge graphic design that speaks your business vision and achieves goals… or a good coffee recommendation, Andy’s your man.

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