7 Reasons to Start Using Webinars

I'm sure most of you have received at least one invite to a webinar - and some of you may have even wondered if they are an effective strategy for growing your business - or how you can go about creating your own.

Webinars are like online conferences, where people can hear your voice and watch your screen from the convenience of their computer, anywhere, any time. Once you learn how cost effective and easy it is to set up a webinar, the benefits are endless.

We explore some of the ways that webinars can benefit you:

1.    Fast and Direct Contact with your Target Group

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to reach and engage with your target audience, even if they are in rural or remote locations. You can really get to know your audience through this interactive method of communication and education when you allow them to ask questions, participate in polls, chats and respond to call to actions. This means that teaching is deeper and accelerated compared to other forms of presenting.

2.    Continue to Reach your Target Group Even After an Event

Since webinars can be recorded during the live session, it provides the perfect opportunity for those that couldn't attend the live webinar to access it online at a later stage - increasing reach and impact of your message. Depending on the type of webinar you decide to run, you can either allow for anyone to access your webinar online or use a password-protected link for invitees or paying clients only.

3.   Build Relationships

Webinars provide an interactive approach, which allows you to connect with your audience and create credibility fast. Some say nothing can compare with meeting in person at live events. However easy scalability allowing you to present in front of hundreds and even thousands of people at the same time around the world without having to travel may out-benefit even live events.

4.    Increase Google Rankings

Well-designed webinars can be repurposed and redelivered in the form of video, audio, PowerPoint slides, transcripts, blogs or infographics. You can develop blogs and follow-up webinars based on the questions your audience ask during the live session. All this valuable, information-rich content helps increase your Google rankings.

5.   Eliminate Travel Time and Unnecessary Expenses

In this day and age we are all time poor, but hungry for information. The convenience of being able to attend a conference without having to leave one's desk is very appealing. What's even more appealing is the fact that you don't have to miss out if something unexpected comes up, because you can catch up with recorded versions if required. There are also cost benefits associated with attending events from the convenience of your office or home.

6.   Increase Prospect List

Once you've created an interesting presentation based on valuable information, and applied effective marketing to create a sense of event, prospects can literally start falling into your lap(top). This is due to both the direct attraction to something "live" and newsworthy, as well as the viral impact of people sharing their intention to attend.

7.    Trackable Results

You can easily measure the effectiveness of your webinars with the use of online reporting tools that monitor who registers, contributes, attends and shares your event.

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