5 Super Easy Ways to Keep your Branding Consistent

  • April 15, 2020
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Having an appearance that isn’t consistent isn’t just annoying to your customers, it can damage your credibility as a business. It can make you seem like you’re unreliable, you don’t pay enough attention to detail, or even make a customer question your legitimacy.

Luckily, keeping your branding consistent doesn’t have to be a chore. There are plenty of little things you can do to make sure your brand’s forefront stays in top shape. Read on to find out more!

1. Try to use the same voice across all platforms

In real life, you use different tones when you’re talking to different people. If you were talking to a client at work, you would likely use a very different tone than you would if you were saying the same thing to your brunch buddies on the weekend. However, your distinct personality (your personal voice) still shines through. Your business socials should be the same. Even though you might need a different tone for your post on LinkedIn than you would on Instagram, your brand’s voice shouldn’t be lost in the phrasing.

2. Stick to your colour palate

The most successful brands keep their colours consistent. Think of Coca-Cola: they almost always have their text in white on a red background, and it’s instantly recognisable wherever it appears. When your brand started out, you probably chose a palate of colours that looked nice together and centred your look around them (if you didn’t, it might be time to pick a few!). There are so many ways to use even one colour, so there’s no reason why you should have to deviate. Keep your colour palate clean!

3. Create a ‘look book’ for your brand

We’ve all sat through meetings that could have been an email, but your branding is a situation in which email alone simply may not do. All your staff need to be up to date in what is considered to be your distinct branding. If part of your brand is to be very serious at all times, let your staff know that that’s how they need to interact with customers, since they’re the face of your company. If you want your staff to be very personable or friendly, to send emails exclusively in one font, or to make use of your brand’s colours in their work, let them know!

4. Create a ‘look book’ for your brand

A visual playbook doesn’t just have to be a literal book, it can be a PDF or shared folder that your staff can have on their computers to get an idea of your branding if ever they’re in doubt. It can include things like specifications for the size of your logo, your colour palate and desired fonts, or even some articles that are written in the voice you want your brand to have. If you find something that really speaks to your brand, add it in for your staff to see! A playbook is a simple and effective way that anyone can check whether their work fits your look.

5. Keep your logo consistent

We understand that sometimes a rebrand is necessary, but if you go through three different logos in five years, your client base might start to think you’re flaky. Pick a logo and stick with it, even if you’re not sure if you like it after a few months. Most businesses have a rebrand every 7-10 years to bring them into line with modern trends, so hold out until your next one is scheduled.

If you’re really struggling with keeping a consistent logo, you could try making some small changes in accordance with seasonal festivities (like giving your logo a Santa hat over Christmas, or incorporating a swirl of red hearts for Valentine’s day).

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses rebrand and develop consistency with their existing brands. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can lend a helping hand to your marketing.

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