4 Digital Marketing Trends

The digital era is alive and growing daily. Here are 4 key trends to keep an on in 2012 to ensure your business remains successful.

Integrated cross-channel marketing
Being relevant to your customer across all mediums improves brand recall and enhances engagement. That means the most important factor to focus on is your customer and targeting them through a consistent and seamless message across all online and offline channels.

Consumers can now connect to brands in more ways than ever. Research by Gartner, a leading IT research and advisory company, revealed 72% of consumers want to be engaged with an integrated marketing approach, however only 39% feel they are receiving that. Google uncovered that consumers had 74% brand recall when the advertiser?s integrated strategy carried across mobile, TV and online.

Developments in technology are changing how consumers interact and engage media avenues.  Vividus loves helping businesses adopt emerging trends to successfully engage current and potential consumers.

Video marketing
YouTube now ranks as the third most visited website behind Google and Facebook with more than 3 billion video views a day globally. According to YouTube more than 48 hours of new video content is added to their site every minute. The boundaries between the internet and television will become ever more fuzzy with TV viewers going online to preview, watch, learn more and interact with their favourite programs.

In 2012 video will become a stronger force, so get your Hollywood face on and start developing a new compelling video marketing strategy to effectively engage the new ?digital TV? audience for your business.

Mobile & Tablet marketing
Australians love technology! We have the highest penetration rate of iphones out of any country in the world. Internationally, the sales of tablets surpassed desktop computer sales back in 2010. Now everyone has the power to say something and be heard from anywhere. If technology is becoming more human, brands need to think about how they can be more human.

Yet many companies still continue to direct most of their investment into their web presence, continuing to think of mobile and tablet use as a possible side project when there?s time. Its time for this to change, mobile and tablet investments are important. With growth in wireless connections, companies need to harness geo-localisation technologies (think Facebook and Foursquare-style check-ins) for customised offers, better use QR codes to gather data and link to in-store experiences.

Search Engine Optimisation
In the past appearing at the top of the search results was as easy as optimising a few pages on your website. The introduction of Google?s new search algorithm ?Panda? means that 2012 will be challenging for anyone managing SEO. Google designed Panda to improve the quality of content delivered to consumers and to alleviate the impact of low quality content, websites and links in their search results.

At Vividus we work smarter to validate search result positions and demonstrate ROI from SEO investments. Displaying relevant, engaging content is the future of SEO. Google will punish those who try to mislead the Google Search by manipulating links and content.