Why You Should Crowd Source

  • July 29, 2016
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Why You Should Crowd Source

Millions of pieces of content are shared online every day and for businesses they’re an incredibly under-utilised marketing and lead generation tool – studies have shown that companies with active blogs can generate up to 97% more leads.

Content for content’s sake isn’t going to cut it though. It needs to be unique, engaging and thought-provoking. In short, it needs to be worthy of a share on social media. In fact, a study by Adobe found that 58% of companies struggle to create good content. The challenge for many businesses is creating regular content at a consistently high standard.

New ideas
Traditional marketing methods no longer make the impact they once did, therefore marketing strategies need to adjust. Collaborative co-creation, better known as crowdsourcing refers to companies looking externally for creative ideas – in marketing terms that equates to blogs, polls, interviews, collateral, social media and more. It utilises external talent and ideas that are not intrinsically influenced by existing practice, and that is the reason it is so effective.

A stream of fresh ideas is vital to content marketing, which isn’t always possible when you’re using the same internal sources that have grown too close to existing and ineffective concepts –crowdsourcing often solves this problem.

Word of mouth has always been considered the most effective marketing tool and perhaps that is right. Certainly, we see an increase in demand for the most modern version of word of mouth when it comes to consumer decision making.

More than ever consumers are turning to content and reviews to make informed buying decisions. A blog article by a market leader or respected company into the benefits of a product or service is considered more pertinent than a snazzy advertising campaign – which is why you’ll see the biggest brands combine the two; ads to generate interest and blogs to form the basis of consumer research. Crowdsourcing assists in the creation of content that meets the expectations of potential customers and boosts consumer confidence.

Start crowdsourcing content
Original content with a compelling call to action will increase engagement with your campaign, and each share of your crowdsourced content is a return on investment.

Crowdsourced content doesn’t have to be a 5000 word article or white-paper. Often, it can be as simple as knowing what your audience wants to read and building from there. Once you know what they want, you can find out how they’d like to engage with your content for a more effective marketing strategy.

It’s important that you invest in social media from Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn. Hot topics, buzzwords, innovations, controversy and common problems in your industry can all be found on social media and that is the foundation of crowdsourced content. You’ve found what people are already talking about and you can get a new debate or discussion started around that. Everyone has an opinion and the responses to your social media engagement could provide the topic for your next piece. The shares generated from this activity will generate more interest and trust in your brand.

Internal marketing teams are often too stretched, or just plain too busy, to create consistently engaging content. Crowdsourcing content from external sources, whether that is the content itself or just some new ideas, can help relieve the pressure and improve the ROI of your marketing budget.

Vividus understands the value of quality community content and how to convert content and social media engagement into sales leads. For more information on how to crowdsource your collateral contact Vividus on 07 3482 4262 or info@vividus.com.au.

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