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  • November 12, 2019
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Welcome to the future!

It’s November already! With a new year just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your marketing for the year ahead.

2020 will usher in a new decade, new technologies, and new advancements and opportunities in marketing (and a whole year of opportunity to make 20/20 vision jokes). We can’t wait to see what it has in store!

We may not be able to see the future, but based on what’s been big in 2019 and looking at what’s developing in the industry, we can make some likely assumptions. Here’s our top 4 predictions for where SEO and content trends are
headed in the next year.

Featured snippets & position optimisation

They generally pop up if the question you’re has a definite answer (like ‘current time in Perth’ or ‘how far to Melbourne’), but Google’s Search Engine Results Pages system (or SERP) is using featured snippets increasingly to display data from websites that thinks might be an exact answer to a searcher’s question.

If it thinks that yours is the most likely answer and it finds a nice content-rich snippet, it may feature it at the top of the Google search results. This is called Position 0 and it ranks above all Google’s other results, regardless of whether they’re ads or organic.

41% of searches for direct questions are now answered with featured snippets, and Google doesn’t plan to change this. Featured snippets are here to stay, and the algorithm which selects them will continue to be refined in 2020 and future years.

Since most voice search methods only read off the top result from a SERP, nabbing this spot can result in a bunch of traffic from voice search methods and digital assistants, which are predicted to increase in use in 2020 and future years. If your 2020 strategy doesn’t involve optimising your content to rank for position 0, it’s time to give it another look-over.

Page speed and AMP pages

Google added mobile page speed to its SEO ranking factors in 2018, and it’s been an important ranking factor ever since.

40% of website visitors will leave a page if it doesn’t load in three seconds or less, and Google knows that if it keeps recommending pages that its users don’t want to see, they’ll likely switch to a different search engine. To keep its users, Google penalises web pages that take too long to load.

In his book Usability Engineering, Jakob Nielsen explains why people click away.  It’s not due to boredom, but a lack of feeling in control. When a user clicks a link and are instantly taken to their destination page, they feel that the result came directly from their action. The longer the process takes, the more they feel that there is another system in control, until they eventually leave to find a site they can access on their own.

This means that to keep ahead of your competition in 2020, you’ll need to keep your site running at peak efficiency. The faster the better, and the more likely that your viewers will stick around to make use of your site.

On-site content

Unless they’re as absorbed in digital marketing as we are, most people aren’t huge fans of ads and don’t actively seek them out. In light of this, it’s no surprise that 92% of marketers reported that their company views content as an important business asset.

You can buy all the ads you want, but they’re unlikely to lead to conversions if you don’t provide quality content to link to and build on. 23% of consumers say that if the content isn’t engaging at first, they likely won’t seek information from the brand again. That means almost a quarter of your potential customers can be lost instantly by ineffective content.

There’s another reason that you’ll often hear us saying that content is king: Google’s Martin Splitt explained on a Google Webmasters video that content is still Google’s number 1 ranking factor. Without having good content on your site and updating it often, you’re very unlikely to rank high on the search engine results page.

Blogs are a great way to do this, since they provide an easy place to publish content on your site that may not directly fit with your site’s main content. Websites created with WordPress have a built in blog function and most other CMS platforms can have them integrated, so there’s no reason to not keep updating.

There’s no way around it: to have a successful marketing strategy in 2020, creating quality content for your potential consumers NEEDS to be involved.

Interactive content

Is this the same as regular content? Yes and no. it’s most often hosted in the same locations and reaches similar audiences to your regular content, but it’s infinitely more shareable and can take a little extra effort on your part.

Interactive content prompts a lot more engagement than your average web page or article. 96% of users will complete quizzes on the website they’re visiting, even if the quiz is sponsored.  And according to MIT psychologist and cultural analyst Sherry Turkle, there’s a good reason: humans are hard-wired to seek the quantifiable information about themselves which online quizzes can provide.

Of course, quizzes aren’t the only type of interactive content out there. online calculators, simple games, downloadable content (like PDFs and ebooks), videos, and competitions are all very effective at different stages of the conversion process

It can also be used to educate and inform audiences with a very high success rate. A study even found that 93% of its participants found interactive content to be effective in educating and convincing them of a product or service, and an equal percentage of marketers agreed with the position.

Given its profound effects on consumers and the wide variety of formats available, there’s a type of interactive content that’s perfect for almost every business. Why not start using the power of interactivity in 2020?

We're here for you.

A lot is set to happen in the digital marketing world in 2020, but you don’t have to go through it alone. If your 2020 New Year’s Resolution is to boost your SEO and kickstart your content creation, contact us to get your vision underway.

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